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System Engineer

Rehovot, Israel
Products Senior Full-time


Landa seeks a System Engineer who will be responsible for allocating machine resources, budgeting and scheduling implementation while holding a high-level, systemic view. 

In this role, you will be responsible for analyzing customer requirements and communicating them to the various disciplines to ensure proper implementation. In addition, you will supervise and manage all engineering aspects of the projects, such as design, testing, clear and measurable KPI definition, NPI, maintenance, and implementation in the field.


·      Define the product specification from application to the infrastructure level

·      Characterize customer needs and prepare system specifications that support them

·      Define requirements together with the relevant engineers - to ensure the subsystem meets general requirements

·      Conduct integration of features on the machine

·      Accompany the system test on the machine at the system level

·      Manage all features - from definition (together with the feature and product manager) through the development settings, testing and support for implementation in the field

·      Serve as a focal point for the different departments and supervise the progress made to ensure they meet the requirements defined and provide actual value to the customer

·      Troubleshoot logistical, technical and administrative issues to ensure proper process flow

·      Lead root escalations where needed and take part in marketing, AOP processes and

product-vs-product strategy


·      B.Sc/MA in Mechanical / Electrical / Computer Engineering

·         Minimum 3 years of professional experience as a system engineer in a multidisciplinary environment

·      In-depth knowledge of the market on the entire range of applications

·      Systematic and in-depth understanding of the effects of features on additional subsystems (products’ apps and integration between the systems)

·      In-depth understanding of the product from the technology level down to specifications 

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