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Careers at Landa

Paper Transport Technician (Offset Printing Press)

Chicago, USA
Customer Support Senior Full-time


Landa is seeking a Paper Transport Technician for paper handling of printing presses. The role involves maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing the paper-handling components of printing presses.

This includes feeders, conveyors, rollers, and other machinery involved in the handling and transporting of paper through the press.


·      Performing routine maintenance and inspections of paper handling components to ensure proper operation and prevent downtime.

·      Troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with paper handling components and implementing repairs as needed.

·      Collaborating with other members of the printing press team, including operators and other service technicians, to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the press.

·      Providing training and support to press operators and other service technicians on proper operation and maintenance of paper handling components.

·      Maintaining detailed records of maintenance and repairs performed on paper-handling components and reporting on equipment status and performance to management.


  • Strong technical background in mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Experience with printing press operations and paper-handling components 

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