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Nano News

It’s All About Nanography

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, I am delighted to share our latest Nano News. In this edition we welcome new customers to the Landa Digital Printing family and go into the Landa NanoInk® Lab to meet our Print Testing Manager, Betina Hansen. Betina, is actively involved in the development and testing of our unique NanoInk®.

New Customers to the Landa family

This year, we focused on optimizing our customers success. We grew our local service and support teams around the globe to strengthen our partnerships.


We also grew the Landa family. McGowans Print one of Europe’s largest digital print specialists with a great vision regarding what their customers want and received a Landa. Mal McGowan, CEO, McGowans commented: “For the first time, with all the benefits of digital printing we will now have the ability to offer much larger runs for direct-mail, commercial printing, POS and folded carton.” Now, with their Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press in production, we look forward to seeing McGowans go above and beyond their expectations.


We had another successful install of the Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press at Hudson Printing in Salt Lake City. Hudson is a strategic company for us. They are leaders in the North American print community – known for their high-quality commercial printing operation and superior color reproduction. The CEO Paul Hudson has claimed “Quality is paramount around here. Our customers will not compromise on color – it’s what we’re known for” and has applauded the quality and color of the Landa S10P abilities.


We welcomed the return of in person events. We had the pleasure of hosting demo days in Texas at our customer Virtual Packaging to show their Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press to our guests and had a similar day in Paris at Groupe Prenant. We joined David Zwang and the WhatTheyThink team for an excellent webinar, spent two fantastic days at the Digital Packaging Summit in Florida as well as a trip back to the Messe in Dusseldorf for the Print & Digital Convention 2021.


We are continuing at full speed. I am always thrilled to come together with our community and am looking forward to many more opportunities to meet up. I hope you enjoy this Nano News.



Sharon Cohen

VP Global Business



Meet Betina Hansen, Landa Digital Printing Print Testing Manager



We are passionate about the superb print quality images Landa Nanographic Printing® delivers. The vibrancy and depth of colors is stunning, and applications printed by Landa Digital Printing are certain to stand-out. Our secret is the combination of Landa NanoInk® and the Nanographic Printing® process. We, the Nano News (NN) editors went into our Ink Lab to meet Betina Hansen (BH), Print Testing Manager at Landa Digital Printing to get a clearer understanding of the impact of Landa NanoInk on commercial, publishing and packaging printing.


NN: Landa NanoInk produces beautiful color images. What makes it so special?


BH: The secret of the vibrancy of a Landa printed image is the combination of Nanographic Printing® and Landa NanoInk®.  Our NanoInk is remarkably unique as the ink isn’t only reliant on chemistry but the compounds that make up the physics of the ink. When the compounds are combined and reduced to nanoscale, they become unusually powerful colorants, producing deeper, richer colors.


NN: How does NanoInk stand up to the needs of food packaging? 


BH: Considering all the components are suspended in water with no additional imaging oil or solvent, water-based Landa NanoInk is safe and environmentally friendly for packaging. To clarify the safety, we also did ink migration testing at accredited laboratories like SQTS in Europe and have received confirmation that Landa NanoInk is suitable for all indirect packaging. To top that, we have also received approval by the EU and FDA, Nestle Guidance Swiss Ordinance, and the California Proposition a65 and many other local and regional approvals.


NN:  Many applications endure considerable stress during their lifecycle, and still Nanography® printed applications maintain their quality. Why is that? 


BH:  Packaged goods, books and magazines all undergo a lot of handling. It is critical that the ink remains unaffected displaying the beautiful colors and images. In our lab we challenge wear and tear to stand the highest durability and color stability. We push all limitations on ink stability, compatibility testing and the mechanical performance of our NanoInk as well as abrasion and peeling testing with an elaborate rub resistance test and block testing for ligh