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Nano News

Landa 2022 – A Year in Review

Wednesday, 21 December 2022 / By Nano News Editor


2022 was an exceptional year for Landa Digital Printing, with significant growth, innovative developments, and many new customers joining the Landa family.


This year we made some great advancements in our mission to change the world of print. We reached new heights with our customers as they broke production volume records week after week and delivered great value to their own customers using our state-of-the-art Nanographic Printing® Presses. Our cutting-edge Nanography® technology enabled high-value applications, stunning prints and remarkable productivity and efficiency, all contributing to their business growth in 2022.


The launch of our new ink plant in the Netherlands has expanded our manufacturing capacity, enabling us to support increased demand and rising print volumes in Europe, while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and the environment.


We thank our loyal customers for their partnership, and the essential role they play in propelling digital transformation in the print industry. Our joint achievements so far are truly inspiring to us, and we anticipate many more advancements in 2023 as we continue to innovate and bring print to life – and life to print!


I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally thank our entire team of Landa Digital Printing employees across the globe, whose dedication and talent stand behind everything we do.


For a glimpse of what was accomplished by Landa Digital Printing and our customers, I invite you to check out the highlights from the past year and imagine how much more can be achieved with continued digital transformation going forward.


Wishing you and your loved ones a successful, healthy and colorful year.


Gil Oron




Our growing install base


As the digital revolution picks up momentum, we were thrilled to welcome many new customers to the Landa family in 2022. Leading companies around the world chose to partner with Landa Digital Printing, putting their trust in us, with a joint vision for the future of digital print.

For us, this is both a vote of confidence, and an opportunity to learn from each other, building mutual success.

It’s been amazing seeing what these new partners have already achieved with their Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses, and we look forward to seeing the tremendous  impact they’ll continue to have on the print industry.



With great partners – great things happen 


Nothing makes an impression as much as seeing a Landa Nanographic Printing® Press live in action. That’s a big part of why open houses are so important. They also provide a unique opportunity to see first-hand the value that Landa Digital Printing brings to a customer’s business, hear real-world success stories, and experience true partnership at work.

This year, customers from around the world graciously opened their doors for an open house with Landa.

We thank them for their hospitality, and look forward to more joint events in 2023.

McGowans Open House – Ireland – September 2022

Virtual Packaging Open House –USA– August 2022

Hudson Printing Open House – USA – May 2022

Simian B.V. Open House – the Netherlands – May 2022

BluePrint AG Open House – Germany – March 2022



Landa’s new European ink facility   

With the goal to dramatically shorten lead times for consumables and increase production capacity, we are pleased to have come up with the perfect local solution for the European market – our new European consumables manufacturing facility, which opened in August 2022 in Sittard, the Netherlands.

Producing the revolutionary Landa Nanoink® for Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses, the new facility enables us to double the production of consumables and support the rapid growth in demand for ink that is being driven by soaring customer print volumes.

In addition to improving supply chain challenges and better servicing our European customers, this new facility also reduces environmental impact by reducing shipping distances for raw materials and finished goods.



International conferences and meetups


After a couple of quiet years in front of our screens, it felt fantastic to be back in force at live events, face-to-face.

Participating in conferences and shows around the world was a great opportunity to share what we’ve been doing, and learn about the latest market trends.

The highlight was PRINTING United, where we were pleased to welcome many visitors to our amazing booth, demonstrating how Landa is revolutionizing the print industry. Benny Landa’s keynote address was another huge attraction at the show.

We were also a proud sponsor of the VIGC HET Congress 2022 in Belgium, and attended premier events around the world, including EXPOGRÁFICA Mexico, the ECMA Congress in Poland, the Digital Packaging Summit in Florida, and many others.

Lots more events are planned for 2023, so stay tuned for our announcements!



Interview with Paul Hudson, CEO, Hudson Printing 


We had the honor of sitting down with Paul Hudson, the CEO of Hudson Printing, and learn from him about his company, as well as the initial reasons that brought him to invest in a second Landa press.


Nano News (NN):

Can you tell us a bit about your company?


Paul Hudson:

My name is Paul Hudson, so this is Hudson Printing. We’re in Salt Lake City, Utah, and as a company, it’s a really old company. We’ve actually been here over a hundred years (under a different name), and as Hudson Printing, we’re actually now celebrating 50 years. We have been lots of things over that time, from publishers to bookbinders, to screen printers, to a letterpress, to web printers, and now we’re a fully functional commercial printer with web offset capabilities, as well as strong digital print capabilities.



What are the key trends in your business today? Trial runs, cost, quality, etc.?


Paul Hudson:

I would say that we are finding not only success but also a resurgence in our traditional business, which is catalogs and magazines, and marketing materials of all kinds. There has been a tremendous amount of interest in that, especially since the pandemic has been winding down.



What was your initial goal when buying your first Landa press?


Paul Hudson:

A lot of people have asked me about why we’ve invested in a Landa press, and now, actually, somewhat famously, two Landa presses. And the truth is that it’s driven by demand. We’re finding all kinds of opportunities to not only expand existing business, but also attract new business with the Landa press. Honestly, our initial thought process around buying a Landa press was multi-fold.

One, we run web presses, and we have some short-run web work that fits very well. It fits more efficiently, more economically, on the Landa press. And second, we do a tremendous amount of variable data printing. Data-driven direct mail, data-driven marketing pieces of all kinds, and the volume of that was growing so rapidly that it really made sense for us to have more print capability, more speed, more efficiency, to be able to accomplish that work faster. Speed is currency today. Being able to get to market faster is incredibly important, and more so with each passing day. So, the Landa technology has helped us accomplish both of those things.

Perhaps a third element is that we believe that the Landa press allows for new capabilities, new opportunities to bring new products to market. We’re very excited about that possibility because we think that’s good for us as a business, as well as for the creatives and marketers out there; to be able to bring new kinds of solutions to their clients.



What are the main benefits Landa creates for you?


Paul Hudson:

Some of the benefits of the Landa press for us have been lower costs of consumables, which is very meaningful in a variable data-driven operation. Because the press sheet is larger, the printing is faster, so that has been a big driver for us. In addition, the ability to offer new kinds of products that we haven’t offered before is significant. We’re printing almost everything in seven colors, so we have our regular CMYK, but we’re also adding orange, blue, and green. That also allows for an expansion of products that we can produce. Some of the images that we’re producing on the press right now are simply stunning. They really are beautiful.



What are the benefits of Landa for your customers?


 Paul Hudson:

I love this question! Beyond the obvious things we were already producing, I mentioned that one of the exciting things about this technology is the ability to bring products to market that just haven’t been possible before.

We’ve produced a lot of print, day over day. One of the benefits of having the second press available to us is that we have a number of products we want to bring to market. I’m a very strong believer in the fact that we won’t be the ones that actually invent those products. We’ll probably get some credit for it, but it really will be the entrepreneurs and the marketers and the graphic designers out there who will bring us ideas that we hadn’t thought of. They’ll ask us if it’s something we can do, and we’ll say: “Yes, we can do that!”. That’s exciting to me because I think it ushers in an entirely new era of print, in which more things are possible. And Landa technology is what’s enabling that.