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Nano News

Landa Team

Thursday, 31 March 2022 / By Nano News Editor

This Nano News is dedicated to the Landa team, the people who have driven Landa Digital Printing to evolve so significantly over the last year. The Landa team is committed to supporting our customers in exceeding their Landa production month after month, as we increasingly support a much larger customer base printing considerably more impressions.

Customer Success Team in Landa Demo Center

Team Building for Success

Events are back! We’ve already held two fantastic team events, and we’re getting set to host Open Houses at customer sites. We’ve been welcoming many companies to Israel for demonstrations and team introductions. I’m also happy to tell you that our first 2022 industry event will be at the Online Print Symposium, the definitive print e-commerce / web2print event, next month.

Everyone at Landa is overjoyed to welcome Advantage Colorgraphics to the Landa family! Having Advantage Colorgraphics running production on a Landa press is testament to Landa’s success in liberating print providers from barriers inherent to traditional offset and digital technologies.

I’d also like to introduce Cristobal Macedo, our new Landa GM for EMEA. Our Nano News editors interviewed Cristobal for this issue, so that we can all get to know more about him.

I’m grateful to the Landa team and our partners for all the excitement and continued momentum! I am looking forward to introducing our team at all opportunities the year brings. I hope you enjoy this Nano News.




Sharon Cohen
Chief Business Officer



A Cup of Coffee with Cristobal Macedo, New Landa GM for EMEA


It gives us great pleasure to have appointed a new general manager for Europe: Cristobal Macedo. Cristobal is an industry veteran, and we’re delighted to have him onboard. We, the Nano News editors, met up with Cristobal for a coffee to get to know him better.


NN: So, where’s home?


CM: I live in Barcelona, which I now consider home, but I actually grew up in Argentina.


NN: Why Landa and why now? 


CM: Landa represents the most exciting opportunity in graphic arts! I have always loved the technology and the business dynamics, and the fact that I could help to revolutionize an industry was what attracted me most.


NN: What do you believe you bring to the role?


CM: With 25 years of graphic arts experience, having managed sales in excess of $550 million – and importantly – having already helped to transition the industry through its analogue to digital transformation, I believe that I’m well placed to help bring about the next revolution in the graphic arts: Nanography.


NN: Since joining Landa, what have been your first impressions?


CM: Well now that I’m on the inside, I can tell you that it’s even more exciting than people realize. I was genuinely surprised by how mature the technology is, and by what customers are doing with their presses – it’s super impressive. Landa made significant advancements to the system over the past 12 months, and this is reflected in much-increased customer satisfaction and production volumes. The market appetite for Nanography’s unique benefits — unprecedented image quality and color range, speed, and B1 format — is undeniable.


NN: From a business perspective, do you think that Nanography lives up to the hype in the marketplace?


CM: Oh yes, even more so than ever before – the TCO for customers is very good; and the opportunity to increase profit is significant. While an impressed market was already starting to embrace Landa’s speed and high-end imaging for B1 medium run work, the pandemic has further accelerated demand for shorter runs of commercial jobs, and the increased use of personalization and variable data. For example, the pandemic triggered supply chain disruptions, driving converters to create web-to-pack models enabling higher efficiency and increasing the number of short packaging runs. And personalized print and packaging volumes running on customers’ presses increased tremendously when millions switched to working from home, and brands followed suit by realizing the value of engaging their customers in a more personal manner.


NN: What are your main objectives for the next 12 months?


CM: The next 12 months are all about feeding market demand for Landa presses – which has never been stronger.  That said, we will continue to work our commercial ramp-up program as we prepare to go into full production mode in the near future. In addition, we are building the foundations to aggressively scale the business in EMEA – growing our team in almost all areas to ensure market leading sales, operations and customer service. It’s really an exciting time to join the company.