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Nano News

Print Production on Landa: Grupo Gondi and Simian B.V., Share their Experience

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

We, the Nano News editors (LDP) recently sat down with two of our industry-leading customers to hear about their experiences following the installation of their Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses. We were glad to have the opportunity to interview both Wouter Haan, CEO of Simian B.V. and Francisco Perez Gomez, High Graphics Manager of Grupo Gondi® to talk about their Landa S10P and Landa S10 in production.


Meet Wouter Haan (WH), CEO of Simian B.V., a Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press customer

Wouter Haan
Wouter Haan (WH), CEO of Simian B.V.


(LDP) Tell us about Simian.
WH: Simian offers a unique combination of our three online stores connected to our print production facility in Westerbroek in the Netherlands. With this automated production set up, we have full control of our B2B and B2C business processes, from marketing and sales through production and delivery.


(LDP) How has your Landa impacted the service you provide to your customers?
WH: Our customers increasingly care about speed of delivery. “Next day” is as long as they are willing to wait to receive their goods. Our Landa S10P supports us in meeting this need by providing us a toolset to turn jobs around quickly. The faster we produce, and in parallel of course continue to deliver the high-quality Simian is known for, the better it is for business. Our Landa S10P has also allowed us to offer new products and introduce our customers to new possibilities that improve their marketing and branding. For instance, we are experiencing an increasing demand for personalized prints and posters. With the B1 (41 in.) format size of our Landa S10P, we can print different poster designs in a single run at any quantity our customers prefer. The options and applications that can be produced on our Landa press are new to our customers, driving their creativity to a new level.


(LDP) Looking back, how would you comment on the installation process of your Landa S10P?
WH: As with any new press, the first few months after installation were a bit challenging.  Our operators had to get used to the machine, we had to optimize our workflow to accommodate the press, and the press itself had to be integrated into its new premises. With that all behind us, we are enjoying the expanded opportunities this press is bringing our business.


(LDP) Tell us about your favorite Landa feature.
WH: For us so far, it’s the ability to offer low quantity orders of high quality personalized large format posters. Our Landa is the only press we own that can do this. Combined with the inline coater for laminating or varnish, we appreciate the efficiency of production, all on the same machine.


Meet Francisco Perez Gomez (FPG), High Graphics Manager at Grupo Gondi®, a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press customer

Francisco Perez Gomez
Francisco Perez Gomez (FPG), High Graphics Manager at Grupo Gondi®

(LDP) Tell us about Grupo Gondi.
FPG: Grupo Gondi® is a leading company in the production of recycled papers and cardboard packaging. For more than 66 years our flexible and dynamic solutions have been the central axes of our successful growth. Our investment and implementation of state-of-the-art technology combined with expertise in paper manufacturing and conversion and the innovative spark of young minds academically and technically trained globally enables us to offer our Smart Boxes® and Sexy Boxes® product range. This range of boxes is produced on Grupo Gondi® environmentally friendly and recycled papers, meeting the sustainable processes and specifications of our customers and their brands, who deliver products to more than 190 countries.


(LDP): You have had your Landa S10 in production for over a year and a half; how has your experience been so far?
FPG: We have learned to leverage the capabilities of our Landa S10 for market demands of runs too small for our conventional offset systems. Typically, our Sexy Boxes® are used for promotional products with many different art works printed on the same sheet.


(LDP) How has your Landa impacted the service you provide to your customers?
FPG: Our Landa S10 allows us the flexibility to supply projects to our clients with short lead times and in addition guaranteeing high quality impression printing on Grupo Gondi recycled papers – coated and kraft.


(LDP): How has your Landa S10 affected your supply chain and mode of operation?
FPG: The Landa S10’s 7-color (CMYKOGB) printing has resulted in very important savings in our management and administration of spot color jobs. Additionally, the supplies and consumables of the Landa S10 are much reduced in comparison to those of our other printing systems.


(LDP): Since your Landa went into full production, what have been the key benefits you’ve experienced?
FPG: I am sure that in the medium term, having witnessed the Landa’s digital printing capabilities and the advantages it offers in standardization with 7-color printing, our Landa S10 will determine our global printing and color management benchmarks for any of our plants and high graphics presses. Another benefit has been that only two people are needed in the complete operation flow of the Landa; a designer to manage the prepress and a qualified operator for the print process.
(LDP) Tell us about your favorite Landa feature.
FPG: We are producing saleable boxes with high resolution digital art works and photographic impressions on our own recycled kraft substrates. Our printed sheets are then matte-varnished inline on the Landa to protect the printed surface. The end result, a print quality superior to our other presses.