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Landa S10P

Nanographic Printing® Press

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press with perfector is ideal for two-sided general commercial printing, including advertising pieces, catalog production, direct mail and high-end magazines. This B1-format (41 in. /1,050 mm) digital press powers the printing of jobs in collated order and can produce high-quality prints on any off-the-shelf substrate with no pretreatment.

Advancing efficient production, the Landa S10P is available with a double delivery unit, including a tab inserter for the sorting of multiple jobs. At 6,500 SPH (single-sided) and 3,250 SPH (double-sided), the Landa S10P press can print any job.

Key Features

  1. Double-sided Digital Printing
  2. Superior quality
  3. 96% of Pantones®
  4. Water-based
    Landa NanoInk® particles
  5. Media versatility: coated and uncoated media
  6. Seamlessly integrates in existing workflow environment
  7. /

Download Datasheet: