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Nanographic Printing® Press

Powered by Nanography® technology, the Landa S11 Nanographic Printing® Press is the only field- production proven B1 digital press in the market, designed for mainstream folding carton productionapplications, with unmatchedrunning at offset speeds and stabilitybenefiting from digital versatility. The Landa S11 Nanographic Printing® Press integrates seamlessly into any digital or analog production floor and efficiently prints any job, digitally, with superior economics.

Run more spot colors with a color gamut that covers 96% of Pantones®, with best-in-class color consistency, regardless of print length. Run more substrates on a B1 format and the ability to print on any paper or board without any pre- treatment or priming and up to 800um thickness, while utilizing an industry standard conventional inline coating unit (water-base and UV). Run variable data & brand protection applications as required by the world leading brands. Run more eco-friendly with no plates, near zero waste, Landa Nanoink® water-based, fully re- cyclable output

PrintAI module

The PrintAI module utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance print quality even further. It
ensures a perfect fit for even the most demanding folding cartons and commercial print
applications requiring micro text and other brand protection features.

11K module text

The 11K module takes productivity to the next level with a new ink drying system that
enables transfer of dry ink from the blanket to the media at the speed of 11,200 SPH. The
high-speed capacity enables printing at offset speeds with the versatility of digital printing,
allowing faster production with quicker turnaround times for urgent jobs and improving
production yield and economic benefits.

Key Features

  1. Digital flexibility
  2. Superior quality
  3. 96% of Pantones®
  4. Water-based
    Landa NanoInk® particles
  5. Media versatility: all coated and uncoated off-the-shelf paper and cartonboard
  6. Seamlessly integrates in existing workflow environment
  7. /