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About Us

Founded by Benny Landa in 2002, Landa Digital Printing operates under the umbrella of the Landa group. The company has developed a revolutionary nanotechnology-based printing process called Nanography®, and supplies game-changing Nanographic Printing® presses worldwide.


Founded by Benny Landa, Landa Digital Printing has developed a game-changing printing process called Nanography® technology.

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Pioneer of digital printing, Benny Landa continues his pioneering path pursuing his vision of applications for imaging, energy and health.

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Behind each member of Landa’s management is a solid collection of achievements, knowledge and expertise that qualify them for the task of leading the company into the future of print.

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The people who work at Landa are the company’s most valuable resource. Join us in pioneering a new technology and leading the printing industry into the future.

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Visit this page to contact our sales team, PR team or to answer any questions that have not been addressed elsewhere on our website.

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