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Press Releases

Em. de Jong orders second S10P to Meet Increased Demand for POS and Commercial Applications with Short Lead Times

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Rehovot, Israel – February 28, 2024Landa Digital Printing today announces that the largest retail print specialist in Benelux, Royal printing Em. de Jong, has ordered a second Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press with Perfector. The purchase will enable the company to increase its ability to supply POP and POS retail graphics, as well as a range of commercial print applications such as brochures and magazines, in higher volumes and with very short lead times.



To be installed in April 2024, the new Landa S10P will be placed next to the original Landa S10P installed in 2020 at its Baarle Nassau plant in the Netherlands. Providing increased capacity for jobs required in 24 hours or less, the new press is expected to further boost the existing Landa S10P, producing a high volume of jobs.


Stijn de Jong, CEO, Em. de Jong comments: “The first Landa S10P has been great for the business, enabling us to introduce a new and much faster service for higher volume, collated work. The new press is all about adding capacity to enable additional jobs and ensuring continued growth.


“For our customer base of big retail brands, accelerated lead times are key. Fast delivery of color rich graphics enables them to maximize seasonal retail opportunities and increase sales. With unmatched speed and flexibility, this is what the Landa press delivers – as such, it’s now at the core our service offering.”



According to Em. De Jong, the Landa S10P is much more productive than existing small format printers. In addition, it says that the print quality achieved from the Landa press is also very high, with customers loving the enhanced color gamut and vibrant images coming from the press.


Em. De Jong currently employs over 1200 people and processes over 300,000 tons of paper per year. With 90% of this paper being recycled, the Landa S10P’s ability to print on any untreated stock was very important to the company.


Sharon Cohen, Chief Business Officer, Landa Digital Printing concludes: “Em. de Jong is a very impressive and well-run company, and we’re delighted that Nanography® process continues to have such a positive impact on the business. Indeed, we’re increasingly seeing this feedback mirrored from other customers around the world, where second presses are being ordered or installed to enable them to meet demand and realize their growth potential.”


The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press with perfector is designed for two-sided general commercial printing, including advertising pieces, catalog production, direct mail and high-end magazines. With a B1-format (41 in. /1,050 mm), the Landa S10P digital press powers the printing of jobs in collated order and can produce high-quality prints on any off-the-shelf substrate with no pretreatment.




About Landa Digital Printing 

Landa Digital Printing was founded by Benny Landa with the purpose of liberating printers from the barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing. Thanks to Landa’s unique Nanography® technology, Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses produce stunning images of extensive color range, designed to print at any run length, on coated or uncoated media, and in fast turnaround times. www.landanano.com


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