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Press Releases

MODEL Group Purchases Landa S10 to Offer New Mainstream Digital Packaging and ‘Just in time’ Services

Thursday, 14 December 2023

Rehovot, Israel – December 14th, 2023Landa Digital Printing today announces that top-tier European packaging company, MODEL Group, is installing the first Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press in its factory in the Czech Republic. The new Landa press will be used to provide mainstream digital packaging, as well as opening a new ‘just in time’ (JIT) product offering for the Czech and adjacent markets. Serving some of the world’s biggest brands, the Landa S10 will produce high quality packaging jobs at varying run lengths, featuring variable data for local consumer offers, as well as being used to significantly reduce excess inventory and its associated cost and waste.


The Landa S10 will further support the company’s ‘all under one roof’ business model – a comprehensive offering including product design, testing, manufacturing, printing, assembly, storage, delivery and even product retrieval. The company looked at several other technologies prior to the purchase, and found that the Landa S10 was the only digital press to surpass traditional technology – providing the speed, quality and cost of ownership model needed to take digital out of niche packaging applications and into mainstream production.


Josef Chalupny, Chief Operating Officer, MODEL Group Czech Republic, comments “We had been watching the digital packaging market for many years, specifically looking for a solution to support new JIT services – a potential growth area for us. The Landa press was the only technology fast enough, and with the color gamut and high print quality – which is comparable if not better than traditional print – to support the wide range of products and markets we serve. And that includes everything from FMCG, to pharma, auto and anything in between.”


MODEL also recognized other benefits of the press including the ability to serve longer runs, as well as sustainability – which ultimately, was cited as a big reason for the Landa purchase. “As a business, we’re committed to reducing our CO2 footprint. The Landa S10 is a good fit as it’s been designed with eco-conscious choices in mind – from the machinery down to its unique NanoInk™ – and our impression thus far have been exceptional,” continues Josef Chalupny. “Not only does it have a virtually zero-waste set-up, but it will enable our customers to dramatically reduce their run sizes. This reduces the need for storage of unwanted stock, and the environmental impact of the associated logistical and operational activities used to support that stock. If this initial purchase goes well, we’re likely to install other Nanographic presses throughout the Group.”


Sharon Cohen, Chief Business Officer, Landa Digital Printing, comments, “We are thrilled to have MODEL Group join the Landa family. Josef and his colleagues have deep understanding of their customers’ current need and future trends, and have searched diligently for a solution that addresses those requirements. We are excited to support Model in executing their JIT and In-House strategy and help them leverage their competitive edge. Having Model as our customer is testament to our value to the market and another step in our success. We look forward to supporting them on this journey.”


As a family run business established over 140 years ago, the MODEL Group today has five production plants in the Czech Republic alone – two specializing in solid board and laminated packaging, and three in corrugated products. With a 30% market share, MODEL is the leading supplier of packaging to that region. With a turnover of 1.2 billion Euros/1.3 billion U.S. Dollars, the MODEL Group employs over 4500 people across Europe.


Model Czech Republic Plant


About the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press brings significant value to packaging and commercial print applications, excelling in short to medium runs with incredible efficiency and versatility. Designed to produce vibrant colors on any paper stock while minimizing waste, the B1/41’’ format digital sheetfed press offers industrial capacity, with all digital advantages, such as variable data, unlimited spot colors on a single page, collated option, near zero make ready time and more, while avoiding the limitations of offset make-ready costs and constraints. Transforming the industry with a focus on cost-effectiveness, exceptional quality, and vivid colors, the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press empowers businesses to reach new heights in productivity while delivering tremendous value to their customers.


About Landa Digital Printing  Landa Digital Printing was founded by Benny Landa with the purpose of liberating printers from the barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing. Thanks to Landa’s unique Nanography® technology, Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses produce stunning images of extensive color range, designed to print at any run length, on coated or uncoated media, and in fast turnaround times.




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